Friday, March 15, 2019

How to Prevent Stroke?

            In the studies, it’s showing that stroke is the main cause which makes the people paralysed. This disorder will badly affect a person’s daily life. So it’s very important for each and every one to know how we can prevent stroke.

          A stroke is a condition where, our blood vessels to the brain are getting either blocked by any blood clots, or any damage to the blood vessels because of any high blood pressure. The main cause of stroke is interruption of blood supply to the brain.

           The main symptoms of stroke are trouble in walking, numbness and paralysis of leg, face or Arms. Speech difficulties, weakness to any part of the body etc.

As prevention is better than cure, it’s better if we take care something to prevent stroke.

1.      The first step to the prevention is to live a healthy life. This can be done by                         controlling or taking care below points.

          ·        Have healthy food
          ·        Reduce Junk & salty foods
          ·        Stop smoking
          ·        Manage the Body Mass Index in a health way
          ·        Do exercise regularly
          ·        ControlBlood Pressure
          ·        Controlthe Sugar Level

 2.      Monitoring helps in prevention

         ·        Do regular check up to know our Sugar, Cholesterol & blood pressure levels.
         ·        If we have a family history of stroke, kindly consult a Dr and take the required                 precautions.

         Now days we have several preventive care programs are available in Ayurveda treatments, which can completely help us to reduce the fats which are accumulated in the blood vessels. Kindly follow above methods or take some expert advices from any of the Dr’s if you feel any symptoms immediately. If we take necessary precaution and preventive care, we can avoid stroke / paralysis from our life. 

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