Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Weight Management Program

Weight Management Program
The Weight Management Program offers tailored weight management plans including weight loss practices, dietary plans, exercise programs and aversion therapy as well as support groups and educational lectures. 
This Ayurvedic treatment for weight management works by sprouting metabolism, which will help in consuming the fat and increasing the body’s vitality so that less fat is accumulated in the body. 
It is essentially about purification of the body by eliminating excess cellulite deposits and preventing the body from disease. The Ayurvedic approach to gaining your ideal weight is based on taking a realistic glance at your physique and building up the entire digestive and metabolic processes. Only after analyzing the body type, different oils and powders are used ensuring exclusive and personalized experience. Balanced yoga and a low-calorie diet are also essential throughout this process.
Dr. Hassan’s Ayurvedic Weight loss program includes herb-enriched steam baths to stimulate the body’s circulatory system, preventing the further deposit of fat. The personalized treatment is combined with yoga and meditation to give a holistic treatment. Research has shown that combining a variety of weight loss and management techniques increases a person's chance of long-term success in weight management. Our goal is to help you adapt to and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our doctors collaborate as needed with other medical specialists to design the most effective plan for each patient.

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