Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Spine Disorders

                            The spine, or backbone, is made of small bones. Your spine or backbone is made from 26 bone disks. Looking at the sides, a healthy spine has its own curves. The curves help the spine absorb stress from body movement and gravity. The backbone can be straight if you see from behind. Many problems can cause the breakdown of the vertebrae or the destruction of the tissue around the vertebrae. We are suggested Ayurvedic Treatments for back pain or spine disorders

 Main Spine Disorders

  • Sciatica: Pain radiating along the sciatic nerve, which runs down one or both legs from the lower back.
  • Slipped disc: A slipped disk occurs when the outer ring becomes weak or torn and allows the inner portion to slip out. This can happen with age. Certain motions may also cause a slipped disk
  • Scoliosis: A sideways curvature of the spine.
  • Cervical spondylitis: Cervical spondylosis is a common, age-related condition that affects the joints and discs in your cervical spine, which is in your neck. It’s also known as cervical osteoarthritis or neck arthritis. 
  • Accidental Disorders: In an accidental case sometimes very serious issues are producing in bone or spine. Ayurvedic treatment at that time is very strongly supported.
What are the main causes of spine disorders?

  • Obesity or overweight 
  • Inflammation of the disc space between the bones of the spine most often caused by infection
  • A condition marked by an abnormally rounded upper back

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