Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Neck Pain

Neck pain is common among people especially age above 30s experience pain in the right side of the neck. The pain occurs mostly due to a muscle strain or any benign cause. Some people will often treat their pain by themselves and medications. It is best to see a doctor if there is a severe or prolonged neck pain. The pain is also common for a person to experience in connected areas, such as the shoulders, back, jaw, and head. While diagnosing the root of neck pain, it is important to review the history of the symptoms. In reviewing the medical history, the doctor will examine the location, intensity, duration, and depth of the pain. This is mainly to determine the nervous system is performed or not nerve involvement is present.
Signs and symptoms for neck pain:
·         Pain that's often worsening while holding your head without any movement for long periods, such as when driving or working at a computer.
·         Muscle tightness and pain
·         Inability to move your head
·         Headache
·         Tingling in the arms,
·         Fever
·         Stiff neck
·         Throat pain
·         Tenderness
·         Weakness of the arms.
Ayurvedic treatment for Neck Pain
In our best ayurveda hospital in Kerala, Ayurveda Treatment for Neck Pain is based on the cause of the problem and if it comes of recent origin it responds quickly with our natural treatment approaches through rest, pain killers etc. A prolonged neck pain is often caused due to Disc prolapsed and arthritis of the cervical spine. Sometimes the cause of neck pain can be due to muscular spasm caused by strain due to some posture or due to stress. Through our neck pain treatment in Ayurveda, responds easily to Ayurvedic medicines and in severe cases to local massages.
Our Ayurvedic hospital near Cochin airport offers a very natural treatment through Ayurvedic therapies like Podikkizhi, Elakkizhi, Abhyanga (oil massage), and Nasya etc in combination with herbal medicines is very effective in providing tangible benefits in all these cases, making the patient symptoms free. It also helps in reversing the damage to the nerve and in preventing further degeneration of the cartilage, bones and nerves involved. Our ayurveda hospital in Kochi offers this treatment, over duration of two to three weeks, at our hospital. Our hospital is offers a very good atmosphere and feels you like your home of the Nature in Healing. Our experienced and caring doctors are ably supported by a team of compassionate paramedical and ayurveda therapists.

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