Tuesday, December 10, 2019

What can an orthopaedic doctor do for arthritis?

Ayurveda’s ancient form of medicine started in India. It combines nutrients, exercise, and meditation together to encourage good health. Combining all certain nutrients and other supplements with modern medicine may be beneficial if you have arthritis. Inflammation and pain in the joints are the basic principle of Arthritis. This joint disorder can be painful and a debilitating one. It will also make the joints stiff. Our best ayurveda hospital in Kerala can get to the root cause of the ailment and its presence. Our ayurveda hospital in Kochi  helps in taking a well rounded holistic approach towards treating it with herbs and other natural substances which have great medicinal value, lifestyle changes, diet, exercise and Yoga, oil massages, and other methods. Our natural treatments may help to ease some of your arthritis symptoms and help prevent progression.
Causes of Rheumatoid arthritis
Malfunctioning of the body immune system is mainly considered as one of the major cause for rheumatoid arthritis attacking the joint membranes and the synovial membrane. The synovial membrane is small sacs filled with synovial fluid to make the joint movement with ease and to reduce the friction caused in the joint during movement. When the synovial membrane is inflamed, it gives pain and swelling in the joints, destroying the cartilage and bone within the joint gradually losing joint shape and alignment. Frequent and high consumption of heavy and incompatible foods, indigestion and lack of physical activity can cause imbalance in body system and affect the immune mechanism of the body.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Arthritis
Ayurveda belief is that eliminating any disease condition by alteration in the day to day lifestyle habits along with natural medications. To complete and the removal of the medical condition from the body and to reduce the symptoms through a customized treatment plan. For our Ayurvedic treatment for rheumatoid arthritis we ensure to provide the safest and effective treatment method that is customized as per the individual health condition. Before the treatment, we understand the patient health condition and the actual cause for any disease condition and customized treatment plan for a faster recovery. Ayurvedic treatment for arthritis includes calming the aggravated Vata element in the body. Inactive lifestyle and indigestion aggravates the vata element in the body and channels through the joints affecting the proper functioning of the joint along with pain and inflammation. Our rheumatoid arthritis Ayurveda hospital in Kerala firstly starts the treatment plan to eliminate the toxins from the body and to lessen the symptoms caused by the condition. This includes various massage therapies including a Panchakarma and a combination of herbal medicines to reduce inflammation of joints in various parts of the body.Along with treatment plan, few lifestyle modifications are advised to produce effective result.

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