Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Different type of skins

                               Each person may have a specific skin type, but from time to time this type will change due to external factors such as climate, diet, lifestyle or environmental pollution. When choosing a skin care program, such an "imbalance" should be taken into consideration. Skincare specialty ayurvedic hospital introducing healthy skin care tips.

Different type of skins 

There are five main skin types normal, dry, oily, combination and sensitive.

Normal skin: Normal skin term is a widely well-balanced. The scientific term for healthy skin.

Dry skin: ‘Dry’ is used to describe a skin type that produces less sebum than normal skin.  As a result of the lack of sebum, dry skin lacks the lipids that it needs to retain moisture and build a protective shield against external influences.

Oily skin: Those with oily skin tend to notice a great deal of shine on their face and may deal with terrible acne breakouts.

Combination: Combination skin features two or more different skin types on the face, and typically presents with dry and flaky skin on portions of the face, with excessive oil on others. Combination skin is the most common skin type, but it can be hard to identify and treat.

Sensitive:   Sensitive skin types may exhibit the characteristics of dry skin, oily skin, or combination skin, but they also deal with a great amount of redness and irritation. Normal skin types may also have sensitive skin, but these generally don’t overlap. 


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